WLAN Pi Deep Dive

Get your hands dirty with the latest WLAN Pi. Learn about the latest feature additions and how to get the most out of the unit while using it in the field.

All attendees will receive a Wi-Fi 6E capable WLAN Pi. The Lab guides made available to you during WLPC will remain accessible post-conference, so you can continue to refer back to the exercises.

Boost your network engineering mojo by learning all about the latest addition to the WLAN Pi family in this hands-on, deep-dive session. Presented by members of the WLAN Pi development team, you'll get the inside track on all aspects of the WLAN Pi.

Session topics will include:

- Grafana dashboards, how to use WLAN Pi as a sensor

- Wi-Fi 6E frame capture

- Use the WLAN Pi as a Wi-Fi 6E client

- Setting up the WLAN Pi as a Wi-Fi 6E hotspot

- Network scanning

- Troubleshooting wired network issues

- Network performance testing

- CLI power tools