Secure WiFi Design and WPA3 Migration Deep Dive v2.0 (Updated)

New for 2024, we're revving up! This year's version 2.0 content will have a slight shift from 2023, now with a deeper focus on WPA3 and streamlined content.

As professionals are migrating to WPA3, many questions and challenges are arising. This Deep Dive arms you with technical details to design and monitor a secure network, and includes details for planning and executing a successful WPA3 migration.

Includes best practices for a range of industries and scenarios, and provides actionable guides and planners for segmentation and security migrations.

The Deep Dive will include a hands-on component, lots of conversation, and cover:

  • Technical dive into WiFi security suites and AKMs
  • Theory and application of WPA3
  • Managing a migration to WPA3, gotchas, tips, and tricks
  • A packet-level view of WPA3 and PMF
  • Segmentation strategies for secure WiFi
  • Hardening and monitoring WiFi networks including specific monitoring for WPA3
  • The 4-way handshake and impact on roaming protocols

For attendees looking for a more in-depth experience, I invite you to check out our NEW BOOT CAMP offering - The Secure WiFi Architecture Masterclass. In that 3-day training we take a deep dive into practical security for wireless.